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World Data Center for Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development

World Data Center for Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development (WDC-Ukraine) has been working in Ukraine since 2006 as a full member of the World Data System (WDS) of the International Science Council (ISC). WDC-Ukraine specializes in providing interdisciplinary complex systems research of different natures.

The WDC-Ukraine activities are focused on arrangements for access of the Ukrainian scientific community to global information resources of the ISC in Earth Sciences, Planetary and Space Physics and relevant related disciplines, as well as the collection and storage of global and regional data with significant value for research in the field of Sustainable Development and managerial decision-making.

WDC-Ukraine activities include decision-making support for long-term issues of society's development in terms of its sustainability; informational support for estimations of sustainable development perspectives and implementation of sustainable development concept in higher education, business and politics.

Information and Analytical Situation Center

To increase the efficiency and quality of management decisions, prevent the occurrence of and eliminate the consequences of crisis and emergencies, the Information and Analytical Situation Center (IASC) operates as part of the SCD-Ukraine, which provides analysis and scenario modelling of complex socio-economic systems, automated construction of possible scenarios of their development, development of management decision alternatives, calculation of the main parameters of these decisions and assessment of their consequences.

The core of the IASC software complex is the Online platform of intelligent data analysis (Advanced Analytics Platform), developed by specialists of SCD-Ukraine, which is a distributed information system with a service-oriented architecture (technology stack: MongoDB, NodeJS, Foundation ZURB, AngularJS, React, Data-Driven Documents, etc.), designed to solve problems arising in the process of implementing a continuous life cycle of data used for scientific and applied research.

Educational and Scientific Center of Applied Sociology "Socioplus"

Since 2002, the Socio+ Center has been researching the quality of education using various sociological methods.

Areas of research:

  • study of evaluations of the quality and fullness of educational programs of the university
  • study of the level of compliance with norms of academic integrity
  • researching the quality of the educational process
  • monitoring the satisfaction of employers
  • office studies of the state of the labour market